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For those patients who dont want to show their braces, there are two efficient technical solutions.

1. Incognito orthodontics.

In this system, the brackets are fixed to the back of the teeth. This is what is called LINGUAL BRACES. Brackets are fastened to the inner part of the teeth. Once fixed and after the two week adaptation process, the patient won´t realize they are there. The advantage is that both the brackets and the wires are not seen. In this case, both brackets and wires are custom made.

Lingual or incognito orthodontics are more difficult to work with for the orthodontics specialist, that is why only specialist with a broad experience can insure guarantees for success. Our center´s ortodoncist is credited in this system.

Price per arch: 590 € down payment + 150 € per month
(Final price. Closed budgets)


INVISALIGN, aligns your teeth without brackets and arch wires. The tray is transparent and custom made. It is very comforable. IT IS INVISIBLE. The plastic trays are changed gradually. In only 15 months we can align your teeth without the use of brackets and wires.
Almost half of our patients choose this invisible treatment because of its comfort.

Comfort is highly important. With this system, nobody will be able to see them, allowing you to eat, talk and smile like always.
Designed to fit your teeth.

It does not interfere in your daily life. You can practice sports, eat anything you want and brush your teeth with the outmost hygiene.
You wont have to worry about the sores produced by brakkets, since this system bears no brakkets or arches.

Price per arch: 490 € down payment + 150 € per month
(Final price. Closed budgets)


Closed budgets


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Free study and planning of computer guided implant planification


Custom financing. 24 months interest free
(Based on bank approval)