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A correct teeth alignment enables a better oral hygiene and an improved dental health. Through orthodontics, we can achieve a healthy and beautiful smile without hurting our teeth.

Beyond the functional and aesthetical correction of bad tooth alignment.
Orthodontics is that part of odonthology that deals with the proper alignment of teeth. Nowadays, such treatments are common in adults and children alike. Generally, the sooner an alteration is detected, the simpler its treatment. It is advisable to check kids from their fourth year on in order to discard or prevent possible important alterations.
Besides, orthodontics deals with problems beyond teeth alignment. Sometimes, we have to deal with alterations in the position and growth of the upper and lower maxilla, or even with the facial profile.

For all of this, it is highly important to undertake a correct study of each case, for children and adults alike. In i3 dental, we have a computer program which allows us to analyze the profile of the face and teeth, superimposing x ray plaques and study each case in a very little time. Besides, it allows us to calculate the rate of growth expected and even see simulated graphics of the patient´s profile and the final result, depending on the treatment employed.

In i3 we are convinced that is better to avoid tooth extractions in order to make space, since ven though they render the treatment easier, they can alter the facial profile due to maxillary retrusion.

All of this, plus the study of plaster casts of the teeth, an occlusion analysis and the wide clinical experience of the professionals in i3 dental, allows us to offer you a treatment that is specific and fit for every patient. The advances in the field of materials used and orthodontic techniques, allow us to undertake therapies that are increasingly aesthetical and comfortable. For an instance, we have white brackets or even lingual braces (where all brackets and O rings are fitted to the back of the teeth). Some cases might be solved with removable braces (on and off) that some patients deem more comfortable.


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