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Shape - Function - Position - Growth

Orthodontic manoeuvers are of the outmost importance. On early age, morphological, functional, posture and growth alterations associated with malocclusion can be corrected. And in most cases, this has a huge importance in order to achieve a stable, aesthetic and functional result. It is very important to treat as early on as possible, cases such as open bite or excessive vertical growth.

This discipline allows for best results when applied on patients during the active growth stage, since one of its objectives is the modification of the quantity and the direction of growth both in the maxilla and in the jaw.
Most treatments during the development stage, will recquire the combined action of orthodontic and orthopedic means.

What is the best age to apply orthodontic techniques?

Generally, most problems appear between 4 and 22 years old. During this stage, we achieve the best results, but if needed, the treatment can start at an earlier age, and finish when the patient has achieved skeletal maturity. Each patient is different, and depending on diverse factors besides their age, we can determine the best age to address each concrete problem.

There are many types of treatments, depending on the problem. Many of them receive the name of functional braces, because they aim at fixing alterated oral functions.
Removable braces are used for the maximum possible number of hours, most often when the patient is at home and about to sleep, in order to take advantage of the mouth function for as much time as it is possible.
These treatments are most often based on a clinical and functional diagnosis, after a thorough process of complementary studies.
Orthodontics for adults

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