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All adult treatments must be assesed by a general odontologist, and implanthologist and an orthodontics specialist.
We can use bracket that allow us to obtain spectacular smiles.

In the past, brackets were thought to be for children only, but nowadays, we know they can be used at any age with excellent results. There was also the misconception that brackets serve for aesthetical purposes only, but in fact, orthodontic treatments go beyond that, since they manage to improve a misfunction that affects health and phonetics, since a a bad alignment in teeth modifies the position of the tongue and affects correct pronuntiation.

Brackets are ceramic or metal elements that are fused into the wire or fastened directly over the tooth, and are used to hold the arch. Bracket orthodontics consists in a fixed technique throughout these elements attached with thin ellastic arcs of metal alloy (nickel titanium) through a set of ligatures to help align the teeth. The objective is that of pressing the teeth gradually into the desired position.

Conventional brackets are made up of a base and an archwire that keeps it pressed to the tooth, a groove for ubication purposes and better fitting and hooks for the attachment of ligature ellastics.
The orthodontist must first observe each patient´s characteristics, and their malocclusion problems, as well as their aesthetical needs to decide which system to use.

They can only be worn with definitive teeth.
It is hard to predict exactly the length of a treatment with brackets, since it depends on the patient. It will be up to the orthodontist to decide, after a thorough study, the approximate time needed. Brackets are the most popular orthodontic method, specially among children, and their results are very satisfactory, achieving a total straigthening of teeth.

Price per arch: 290 € down payment + 65 € per month
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