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One tooth missing

The loss of a tooth can be solved through an implant on the empty space upon which we fit a ceramic crown. This way, we don't have to affect the adjoining teeth.

1 Implant: 690 € 490 €
1 Implant and a crown: 1.500 € 990 €
(Final price. Closed budgets)

Two or more teeth missing

When two or more teeth are missing, we can put implants on the missing spaces and fasten ceramic crowns on the implants. This way there is no need to cut healthy teeth to make a bridge.

If two adjoining teeth are missing, we solve the problem with two implants and two crowns.

If the space is for three teeth, we can solve it through two implants and three crowns. This way we can substitute with implants and crowns any piece desired.

2 Implants and 2 crowns: 2.480 € 1.980 €
2 Implants and 3 crowns: 3.080 € 2.480 €
3 Implants and 4 crowns: 4.220 € 3.470 €
(Final price. Closed budgets)


Closed budgets


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Free study and planning of computer guided implant planification


Custom financing. 24 months interest free
(Based on bank approval)