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Our medical aesthetical unit is a complete service of Advanced aesthetical medicine, situated at your dental clinic.

With the guarantee and security offered to you by i3, our Aesthetical Medicine service is made up of collegiate doctors acredited by the Barcelona Medical School.

i3 Dental - Col·legis Oficials
Complete facial rejuvenation: 1.200 € 750 €
(Nose wrinkles + Lip wrinkes + Cheeks)

Lip enhancement

Lip enhancement is a medical treatment that consists in the application of Hialuronic acid or collagen in order to increase the volume of lips, giving them a more youthful appearance.

Lip enhancement: from 350 € 250 €

Wrinke filling

Wrinke filling consists on applying Hyaluronic or Polylactic acid to correct volume loss in the wrinkled area.

Nose wrinkles: from 350 € 250 €
Lip wrinkles: from 350 € 250 €
Mouth wrinkles: from 350 € 250 €

Facial flaccidity

Mesotherapy is an aesthetical medical technique to rejuvenate your face through the injection of substances in order to obtain the desired aesthetic results.

Facial flaccidity: from 350 € 250 €


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