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A good smile is one of the most important aesthetical factors of personality.

A fresh, pretty and clean smile brings forth a positive image. An attractive smile encourages people to smile in a relaxed and natural way. Hence, in order to be happy with yourself, it is necessary to have smile that is healthy, equilibrated ,and overall harmonious with your facial aesthetics.

One smile is worth a thousand words. But sometimes we are too scared to smile because we are not happy with our teeth. In i3dental, we offer our patients a whole array of high quality options according to each patients particular needs. Our specialist in dental aesthetics will advise you on which aesthetic solutions is the most adecquate.

Dental aesthetic procedures recquire the joint effort of diverse dental specialists. We need to assemble a study team made up of an orthodoncist, a generalist, a peridonthist, a prostheticist and probably a bucal surgeon.

There are various types of aesthetic treatment.

That is why on the first visit with the dental aesthetics specialist, we consider the pros and cons of each treatment. The relationship dentist-patient relationship must be very direct so the dentist might grasp the patients sensiblity. This way we can cast new teeth with the guarantee of achieving the best possible aesthetic results based on the patients indications.

Set Up

If you want to, before the treatment, we can cast the teeth as they would be once the treatment is over. This procedure is called "Diagnostic wax set-up".


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