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Smile again!
Achieve an attractive smile with

1. Composite veneers. Smile design.

This options allows us to change your smile radically in just a few hours. Using last generation composite materials, we can accomplish aesthetical teeth that imitate perfectly natural enamel.

We can change the shape, coulour thicknes. We can hide rotated teeth making them look perfectly straight. This technique allows us to treat from one single tooth to the entire arch.

SMILE DESIGN is a fast and simple solution. The whole treatment lasts only one session. An hour per teeth, four for the whole arch.

Each tooth: 180 € 120 €

2. Componeer© Veneers (trademark)

It is a variation of the former treatment. We apply composite veneers. It is a fast and cheap way of attaining a bright and atractive smile in a few hours. COMPONEER is an exclusive product of Bazán Implants SL.

  • Perfect teeth in a single session.
  • Without filing ename.
  • High quality Swiss materials.
  • Exclusive, personal treatment.
Odontologists specialized in dental aesthetics.

The whole smile: 1.900 € 1.099 €
Each tooth: 350 € 185 €
(final price. Closed budgets)

3. Lab composite veneers.

It is a variation of the former treatment, using high quality composites with a special treatment which gives more strength and shine. It is a treatment that needs of several sessions, since each veneer musts be precisely fitted onto t he tooth.
200 € per tooth.

Each tooth: 400 € 200 €

4. Porcelain veneers

A porcelain veneer es a thin ceramic layer that is bonded to the front ot the tooth with an invisible cement. It is a simple and painless procedure with excellent results ( both in aspect and duration) in less than two hours treatment.

Porcelain veneers are a very sought after treatment, specially when we seek after the maximum aesthetic effect or when the smile reconstruction is more complicated. Many movie actors and actresses, singers, famous people and other personalities have improved the design of their smile through these veneers.

Each tooth: 580 € 400 €


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